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Crypto Bowls
3 min readSep 30, 2021

Hello everyone, big welcome to the Crypto Bowls community!

For starters, thanks for being here in the first place, any support is greatly appreciated to grow this community. To ensure a better level of transparency and commitment this Medium will be created and updated in tandem with the Discord since we do see its often lacking in some other projects, so we want to at least set the right tone for the future of this NFT. Here is some basic information regarding the project!

What are Crypto Bowls?

Crypto Bowls is a collection of randomly generated 2D avatars in the Cardano Blockchain. Aspects of the main design stem from classic 1930’s cartoons to give it that whacky feel while combining real life elements into it.

Even though they are cartoons, Crypto Bowls will have a story that further on will become a community driven webcomic series with a deep story. So far what I can say before any spoilers is that humanity is at stake and needs salvation; are the Crypto Bowls the answer or a mistake? The choice is in your hands!

All of this came from 2 people who just wanted to make quality NFTs with more accessible costs compared to others. As well as the drive to create an amazing community around this project. We want to make something here that a lot of people can enjoy and just have fun since lets face it, its anthropomorphic cereal bowls!

NFT’s Future

Even though we already have a roadmap which you can check on our Discord, there are some things left out, mainly sentimental. The vision that we had on for this project is simple, to make something bigger than ourselves and bring smiles to people. Some may ask why the absurdity of the idea itself and well, the answer is simple, to at least give a laugh or giggle. This project is created from the heart with the focus of helping others and creating a fun experience.

With all that said, now imagine the whacky webcomic series in which the community can have a say in what’s next! That’s the future. The fact that someday that webcomic could become physical as a collectible item for the people and even have your own NFT standing on your desk (3D Printed). The possible collaborations with other big communities to unite the NFT realm.

Plans are for implementation of both the physical and virtual world along the lines and would love to have you help us get there. We are in this for the long haul.

Why ADA/Cardano?

Well, when choosing where the project would go initially, we though of the ETH network which paved the way for NFTs. After much research was done, the team chose to go for ADA mainly for 3 points:

· Accessibility and costs

· Support the young coin

· Belief in the future of the Cardano Ecosystem

“Accessibility and costs” — The first would indicate the main issue with ETH NTFs being the gas prices and cost of NFT themselves. This choice will allow smaller investors to join the NFT community. While ETH does have the most impact in the NFT world, that doesn’t mean we cannot support other smaller coins, taking me to my next point.

“Support of young coin” — Hey we are young too! Therefore, we are going for Cardano. Let’s be honest, ETH is an area for big money and bigger players, but that doesn’t make it better than ADA. There is so much growth potential for the network, community, and all projects in it.

“Belief in the future of the Cardano Ecosystem” — Finally is the growth that was previously mentioned. The future of this coin with the new Summit partnerships, Alonzo update and many for things to come, its looking bright.

How to join the community?

Thank you for getting this far! To join the community just simply join our Discord and follow Twitter for any updates. Again, thank you so much for reading this and long live Crypto Bowls!



Crypto Bowls

Crypto Bowls tells the story of how after a mysterious freakish accident the world changed as we know it. Follow this NFT and its community-driven story!