The Beginning (Pt. 1)

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3 min readOct 5, 2021


Henry wakes up perplexed by his dream, drenched in sweat and shivering. It´s past morning, he overslept through the dog’s barks. He fetches himself a comfortable bowl of cereal provided by the coffins of the colony treasury, as it was customary to receive a free bowl of cereal after completing a certain reward. For Henry, it was his year of toil and hard labor in the field which allowed him to sell his crops to the state, not for a profit, but for a small loss which the state would in the future pay him back. Well, here was the nice Colony`s reward, a comfortable bowl of cereal. After his late breakfast, Henry decides to go back to market and see what kind of commerce could be established.

“Henry!” — Shouted a man in the market.

“Hey Mr. Marcos, good morning, how are you?” — Henry replied to his former boss and the man who gave him the land.

“Good to see you! Didn’t catch you yesterday at the public square. Why weren`t you at the feast?”

“Well Lord Marcos…:”

“Oh, stop being so formal, you know I don’t care about that.”

“Mr. Marcos,” Added Henry, “as you know, I´m not that big on crowds”

Marcos looked down in disappointment and in awkwardness. “Of Course, I just wanted to have a word with you. Have you seen anything out of the ordinary lately?”

Henry looked at Marcos the same way he would look at a deranged man. “Sir I’d be surprised if anything ordinary happened around here”

Lord Marcos looked at Henry perplexed as if he wasn’t expecting Henry to be so brush. Henry understanding his current predicament quickly added: “But as you know sir, the people have gathered until late at night discussing about something”

“Yes… They gather around the brewing house discussing what I assume to be a fairy tale”

“A fairy tale?” Asked Henry in advance

“Yes, it’s probably nothing, just town folk gathering dust around a storm, you know, trying to keep busy!” And with that, Lord Marcos raised his tall hat over his head, greeted Henry one last time, and went on his way to his large residential home.

The hours went by, and his day kept going on as normal but had Lord Marcos’ warning in the back of his mind, even though it seemed outlandish Henry believed it to a degree since stranger things have happened. Once he got home, Henry decided to take a nap and just sleep it off…

Later, he rises from his nap drenched in sweat as if he just had a nightmare. Visibly affected, he stands up to get a glass of water from the tap, just to remember it doesn’t work, therefore he leaves the house to get water from a stream nearby. By this point it’s already nighttime, Henry hesitated to go outside for a second but decided to go anyways since in his mind:

- “He’s probably messing with me.”

As he reaches the stream a dark figure emerges from the woods across which catches his attention and startles him even more, making him trip to the ground. Once the figure gets closer and closer it resembled a big semi familiar object, then it spoke “Henry, it’s me. You have to go now!”

Henry stayed on the ground not being able to move, but after recognizing his ex-boss’ voice all he could do was look up. With the night’s light red sky and round moon, he managed to get a glimpse of the figure under the light. Only to scream out “WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK?!”



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